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TAed at the University of Virginia, Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Rami was a great TA. I learned a lot and was very helpful with meeting at any time to help us on our papers or midterms. He was flexible and a great TA who clearly understands music very very well.

Rami was one of the best TAs I have had at UVa. He went above and beyond to make himself approachable to students and offered great advice. He also conducted great discussions.

Rami was an amazing TA. He was available anytime I needed help and he helped me in explaining through my essays.

Awesome TA, probably my favorite TA I've ever had. Really knowledgable and passionate but also laid back and approachable. Always made himself available to meet with students and offered helpful advice.

Rami was a great TA, he was very approachable and highly encouraged our input in the direction of discussions, while also sticking with the syllabus.

Rami did a great job of making discussion section relevant to what we were learning but also relevant to us. He was also extremely helpful on our assignments. I think our discussion was unresponsive, but everyone enjoyed getting to listen to different types of music and having free discussion in section.

Rami was easily the best TA I've had in my 3 years here. He made the class material interesting and engaging so that I actually looked forward to going to section. His comments on assignments were also very constructive.

Rami was an outstanding discussion leader. I felt the most rewarding aspect of this course was going to discussion and having wholesome conversations about music. Rami did a great job of really catering to his student's personal music taste so that everyone wanted to engage and participate.

Probably the best TA the class had. Wa very relaxed so as long as you contributed to discussion and was effective in introducing many new topics to us.

Thank you for being very approachable and providing really interesting material during discussion sections.

Rami is awesome. He made our discussions very interesting with his in-depth insights about music and how every song ever has been intertwined in various histories and intricacies. He did a great job of making himself available and allowing us freedom to research and write about things we were interested in.

This discussion section was very helpful in understanding the material. I enjoyed actually listening to music because lectures dealt more with analysis. Discussion provided a nice break to engage with the material as well as have an open dialogue. Rami welcomed all viewpoints and was very open to hearing new perspectives, which was clear when he discussed students' work.

Rami is a really cool TA and is incredibly personable. I enjoyed having him as my teaching assistant, he helped my writing immensely, which I was not expecting.

I thought the discussion group conversations were productive and effective. Rami was effective in making himself available outside of class and reading drafts which was extremely helpful.

I loved Rami. I thought he went above and beyond as a TA. He was very relatable and approachable and cared about his students. He accepted multiple drafts and was always willing to meet. He made discussion the best part of the class. I would have rather had discussion with Rami three times a week than lecture two times a week and discussion once a week. He's one of those teachers that you motivate you to do well in the class because you want to make them proud and reflect well on them. I hope Rami becomes a professor because we need more teachers like him in the world.

Rami was a really great TA! At first I think he didn't communicate his expectations for the first project well. However, after the first project he made it very clear what he expected and how willing he was to meet with us to help us with our projects. I think Rami takes his job as a TA really seriously in the way that he truly understands the course material and wants to help us learn the course material.

I admired how Rami was able to relate to his students and present himself as very approachable. Rami was also incredibly helpful during the writing project process. He always offered to give feedback throughout the paper so that we knew if we were on the right track.

Rami was an awesome TA. Very approachable and easy going with the students. He didn't act like he was smarter or above the students and was easy to relate and talk to.

Rami was a very good discussion TA. In the future I would add more discussions about sampling because that is the part I enjoyed the most.

Thanks for making music discussion fun my dude, I've got no complaints and nothing I think you could improve upon. If anything I wish there were more TA's like you. Thanks again!

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