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Musics of the World

Taught at Washington University, St. Louis, Fall 2022/Spring 2023

This course is great even if you don't have a lot of music background. You learn a lot about cultures, music, history and how they all intertwine. This course helps you think creatively, critically, and observe events from a cultural and musical perspective. Also, you become exposed to a lot of new music which is lots of fun!

Great class, super nice sampling of places and genres that gets you interested in people around the world from the lovely lens of music–– something that connects humanity really!

This was my favorite class of the semester. Fantastic instructor and fascinating content.

I enjoyed the structure of listening, articles/videos, new listening, and assessment. I especially enjoyed starting out with listenings and doing those in class. The overall discussion aspects of the class really supported my learning and our collective understanding of different albums and topics.

I found meeting and listening together to be especially productive –– especially for the discussions that followed afterwards. I don't have much of a music background, so hearing how others that did analyzed the album was super beneficial. And, the music was still fresh in my mind so I could make the connections that they did right then and there.

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