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Music of the African Diaspora

Taught at Washington University, St. Louis, Fall 2022/Fall 2023

It’s a great course! Make sure to keep up with the readings and listen to the music attentively.

This course looks at music of the African diaspora through a lens that most might not think of– the guitar. Talking about the different genres this way helped me to learn a lot.

I think this class was very beneficial to understanding other parts of African music that wasn't fully focused on African American music. It was nice to see how Afro–Latinx music came about and learn about those prominent figures as well as the ones we are use to. 10/10 recommend.

I really liked the oral reverse abstracts and "listening" days as it was cool to hear what other people took from the article and what they were hearing in terms of music.

I really liked how the professor incorporated tapping out the structures of certain musical elements we were hearing such as the rhumba clave or the main beat cumbia was built off of.

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