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Keyboard Skills (Beginner)

Taught at the University of Virginia, Fall 2017

It was a really great class. I actually enjoyed going and Rami was understanding and helpful. I learned a lot about piano and music in general that will definitely help me with my musical endeavors outside of the classroom.

Rami was a wonderful instructor! I cannot say enough how much he added to this course. I really enjoyed this class much more than I thought i would and it is completely thanks to Rami.

Nice guy; he's a drummer teaching piano/keyboarding, but it doesn't really matter for beginners. He is very flexible for students and wants them to learn keyboarding for their own enjoyment and pushes students to learn what they want.

I feel very fortunate to have Rami as our piano teacher. It was obvious that he was concerned with our playing ability. He wanted to see every student succeed.

I would definitely recommend Rami to other students. He is always friendly and happy to be in class, never hesitates to take extra time to help a student, and his knowledge of music and music theory was extremely helpful while trying to learn a new instrument.

Rami is cool, but he also knows what he is doing. He really cares about the individual student and wants to provide for them the experience that he or she wants. He is very willing to help and meet outside of the classroom when necessary. He makes the course relevant to all sorts of musicians, regardless of what they are looking to get out of the class.

Rami approached the class with a very unique teaching style. He often asked the students what they were most interested in the course, took our feedback, and still adhered to the syllabus.

Rami is very approachable and made the class fun. He allowed us to explore our interests, which made it a lot easier to learn and a more worth-while course.

The most valuable features was Rami’s emphasis on learning pieces that each person cared about, rather than learning a set list of piano pieces.

The most valuable features of this class were Rami's friendly and approachable teaching style and his commitment to making the class an enjoyable learning experience for everyone.

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