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Introduction to Jazz History

TAed at the University of Virginia, Fall 2018/2019

Rami was an incredible TA. He was always willing to answer any question we had and wanted to make sure we both understood the material and were prepared for exams. His sections also helped me understand what the most important takeaways were for the class.

The discussion was good itself, but what was even better was that Rami made himself available to help out students outside of the classroom, offered to drive students for concert reports, and responded rather quickly and timely to email when students had questions. overall very effective as a discussion ta.

Rami was an awesome instructor. Although our class was very early, he still somehow managed to get us involved and would relate the concepts of the course to popular music today. 12/10.

I can't speak to the quality of Rami's musical research, but as far as teaching goes, you guys are gonna lose out big time if you don't offer him a professorship after he defends.

I really enjoyed learning from Rami. He is very knowledgeable about music, helped me prepare for the midterm, had outside of discussion reviews, taught beyond his duty. I would highly recommend taking this class to those interested in music or the history of jazz.

Rami is one of the best TAs I've had at UVa. He made jazz more understandable and did everything he could to help us learn and get good grades. Big shout out to him.

Rami is a very good TA and makes the material interesting in his own unique way.

Rami is a great TA and was very accessible, smart, and used great examples that helped me understand concepts.

Rami Stucky was an effective discussion leader. I am glad to have had him.

A great teacher and very enthusiastic and engaging!

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