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All articles contain embedded audio and visual examples in either PDF or EPUB e-book format. Simply mouse over the headphone icon and a relevant sound clip or musical score will play or appear.

To enjoy this interactivity as a PDF file, save an article you wish to view to your computer and open the downloaded PDF article in Adobe's Acrobat Reader DC. You may find a download link here. Once installed, your Adobe PDF reader may require you to also install the latest Adobe Flash Player in order to hear the embedded music. You can do so here. Unfortunately, many popular PDF viewers such as Preview (Mac) will allow you to open the PDF, but not engage with any of its interactive features.

Many newer articles also come in an EPUB e-book format. If you prefer to read in this format, download an article to your computer and simply open it with whichever default program you use to read e-books. Most e-book programs such as iBooks (Mac) already have all the software for interactive viewing, clicking, and scrolling built-in.

Musical Meter in Hozier: Odd Time Signatures, Polyrhythm, and Metric Modulation
Making Boring Music Interesting: Alessia Cara and Vocal Melodies in "Here"
Taylor Swift's Melodic Thumbprint
Ed Sheeran Steals from the Best
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